Statistics compiled by the California Department of Aging say that more than 164,000 people in Kern 鈥 18% of the county population 鈥 are over the age of 60. By 2030, that number is expected to grow, to account for a quarter of our population.

More than 40 local cancer survivors celebrated their lives and those of others like them around the world at an annual event hosted Monday afternoon聽by Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center.

Those charged with the dour task of investigating deaths across the county welcomed a new, $41 million home Wednesday 鈥 a substantial upgrade from a one-story affair where autopsies have been performed for 50 years.

"Burn" by Usher. The uptempo claps in Spice Girls鈥 "Hard to Handle," the recurring chords from "You Can鈥檛 Hurry Love" by Phil Collins and the percussion remixed in Fatboy Slim鈥檚 1998 rendition of Beastie Boy鈥檚 "Body Movin鈥.鈥 All of these songs, and many more, share the lifesaving quality of …

After an intense week of lobbying with hundreds of potential laws still to consider, the bill that would bring a state medical school to Kern County cleared the Assembly鈥檚 origin vote Wednesday with no opposition, advancing it to the state Senate floor for consideration.

A new census of Kern County鈥檚 homeless population found nearly 2,700 people living in shelters or on the streets countywide 鈥 a 37% uptick from last year as officials struggle to show they鈥檝e moved the needle on the crisis.

Bakersfield had the worst level of fine-particulate pollution in the nation in 2020-22 鈥 a toxic mix of soot, diesel exhaust, chemicals, metals and aerosols that contribute to heart attacks, strokes and lung disease, according to the American Lung Association's annual State of the Air report.

In the 27 years Timothy Sheehan has lived in Bakersfield, he was homeless for eight of them. That period began in 2001, one year following his divorce and four years following his departure from San Diego 鈥 wife and kids in tow 鈥 bent on the prospect of opportunity and cheap rent.

Fewer than a dozen people are responsible for a wide swath of crime in downtown Bakersfield, according to an in-house study presented by city staff at Thursday鈥檚 Public Safety and Vital Services Commission meeting.

The city of Bakersfield is seeking volunteers to pedal through the Kern River Parkway on mountain bikes, bandaging cut knees, offering water to thirsty hikers and calling in fallen trees.

Seated inside a glassy waiting room, Patrick Salazar came to work Friday knowing full well what was expected of him: He was to be stabbed by one of his colleagues before an audience of cameras. And he couldn鈥檛 care less.

Kern's largest health plan, dipping again into its financial reserves for the sake of local underserved communities, on Thursday came up with $20 million to help address what it sees as the biggest challenges facing the delivery of health care across the county.